Between Merging Entities
Daniele Vare
Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way.

Mediating conflicts to enable M&A transactions
MLI is a leader in leveraging mission-critical, real time intelligence to provide business advisory services toward successful M&A (mergers & acquisitions). It employs uniquely qualified professionals and has an impeccable reputation pursuing a policy of non-involvement in corporate conflicts.
MLI may provide our Clients with valuable insight that will help them proceed through the following:

• Mergers, acquisitions, franchises, asset transactions
• Dispute resolution through mutual agreement, mediation
• Avoidance of litigation, which depletes time and money, impairs reputations and brands, distracts from core business and triggers opportunity costs
• Discovery of, and capitalization upon, linkages, synergies and bargaining chips – be they compensation, corporate reengineering, peripheral transactions, reorganizations – to facilitate negotiating process and maximize returns

MLI fosters a constructive dialogue between M&A participants, or those involved in corporate conflicts, to find mutually beneficial solutions and balance the requirements of all parties involved.

Leveraging unique skills to reach a voluntary agreement
MLI acts as a neutral or impartial third party, a mediator, and assists parties in overcoming mistrust and reaching a voluntary agreement.
MLI facilitates communication between negotiating parties, helps them understand respective positions and interests, find efficient solutions to contentious issues and enables them to settle disagreements independently, out of court.
MLI helps you reach an amicable settlement. No arbitration. We do not aim to establish guilt but attempt to find a compromise. MLI preserves relationships.
MLI offers:

• Integrity
• Impartiality
• Confidentiality
• Diplomacy
• Synergy
• Know-how

• Corporate mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions
• Integration, reorganization of business units
• Partnerships and Joint Ventures
• Corporate Reengineering
• Management and resource realignment, overlaps, reallocations
• Expertise oriented architecture

MLI does not get involved with judicial control (for example, to enforce a court order), criminal and/or constitutional matters.
Outcomes of mediation
Following successful negotiations, the mediator usually creates an official document or agreement (a protocol), which delineates equitable, legal and practical obligations satisfactory to all parties involved in the transaction or dispute.
Once a mutually agreeable solution is arrived at, the mediator, at the parties’ option, may act as an independent observer ensuring that the sides’ interests are preserved and resolving issues – if any were to arise – thus avoiding missteps or failure.


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