• In-depth Hierarchy Mapping & List Development
• Identification of Executives our Customer has overlooked
• Real-time Probe for Current Pain Points
• Match Mission-Critical Need with Customer Offer
• Elicit Interest in Value Proposition
• Alternative Solutions considered by prospect, perceptions and misperceptions
• Competitive Outlook, Vendor Biases
• Purchase Logistics: Budget, Timeframe, (Visible and Embedded) Decision-Making Process – the more complex the sales cycle, the higher the value-add

• Convergent Validation: Multiple Interviews with Key Decision-Makers, Recommenders and Influencers
• Multi-Layered, High-Level Probes with both Tactical and Strategic Ramifications
• Means of Last Resort: Penetrating Accounts so far resistant to all other lead generation efforts
• Relay Qualified Leads and Intelligence to the Field, Lead Follow-up, Demand Cycle Management, Nurturing, Closing the Loop

• Training, Burn-In, Proof of Concept
• From Meeting to Exceeding Base-Line Expectations
• Ability to Track & Measure Results
• Roll-Out, Ongoing Feedback of/to all Parties Involved
• Outsourcing of Front-End Function
• From Optimal Tactical Tool Build-up to…
• Strategic Relationship, Long-term Partnership

• Revenue and Shareholder Value Growth
• ROI-Based, Customer-Centric Relationship
• Good Understanding of Prospects in all Verticals, Psychographics & Demographics
• Distribution Channels, Sales Force Automation Requirements
• We Uncover New Opportunities, You Close Business


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