Over the years MLI has leveraged unique resources (first and foremost, our principals and a market-leading pool of expertise), designed ground-breaking processes and perfected deliverables to help our customers:

1. Measure and Forecast Market Demands

2. Identify Market Segments, Select Targets and Prospects

3. Devise Optimal Strategies for Differentiating and Positioning your Value Proposition or Marketing Offer – whether you are a market leader, challenger, follower or nicher

4. Test Receptivity to New Offerings and Smoothen Product Launches

5. Analyze Competition

6. Manage Products through their Life Cycle

7. Manage product lines, brands

8. Refine pricing tactics – How sensitive (elastic) is demand for your products or services to changes in prices?

9. Select Marketing Channels

10. Design promotion-mix strategies

11. Evaluate and control Marketing Performance

MLI interviews key participants in the decision-making process – the market makers. We navigate organizations fluidly and expertly to understand market parameters and motivations, pain points and interests, purchase and transformation triggers. MLI maps targets thoroughly and comprehensively so we can delineate a matrix of entry points that serves as a template for better, not just account but market, penetration, dialogue building and intelligence gathering. We on your behalf will pursue a multidimensional approach that seeks dialogue with as many as seven layers of executive leadership:

a. Users
b. Influencers
c. Recommenders
d. Deciders
e. Approvers
f. Buyers
g. Gatekeepers

In the process, MLI helps its customers purge their marketing database, the foundation for all your direct marketing activities, including mail, email, and telesales. If on average 1 contact record in a marketing database is worth over $10 (by various estimates), making it one of the most valuable corporate assets, and the accuracy of a typical marketing database erodes at the rate of 2 – 5% every month as people change jobs or responsibilities within an organization, then MLI’s thorough identification or update of your executive target base ensures your marketing tactics stay ahead of the economic curve. In the process, you set up your organization for more robust demand, sales lead development or reorganizational endeavors.


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