Marsanne Link, Inc:

Getting the Buy-in of All Stakeholders including

1. Managers and Employees
2. Customers and Prospects
3. Suppliers and Partners

In the Face of:

1. Mergers and Acquisitions
2. Alliances and Ventures
3. Other Critical Restructurings

By Offering:

1. Diagnostic Check and Fact Finding
2. Options for Mediation, Early Intervention and Conflict Prevention
3. Relationship Management Tools and Consulting

For the Successful Integration of Heterogeneous:

1. Strategic Visions and Operating Tactics
2. Power Structures and Cultures
3. Systems (Finance, Sales Organizations, IT, Channels, Marketing)

Resulting in:

1. Improvements along the Value Chains that Competitors Cannot Challenge
2. Restructurings that Work when 60% of all acquisitions Fail
3. Revenue and Shareholder Value Growth


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