MLI identifies organizational, sales or market opportunities – Our client (sales force, Board of Directors, etc.) close the deals.

MLI helps its clients with:

• In-depth hierarchy mapping & executive list development
• Identification of decision-makers and influencers who constitute the best target for your value proposition but whom your staff may have overlooked or not been able to initiate a meaningful dialogue with
• Real-time probe for current pain points with multiple executives through fluid account navigation
• Match mission-critical need with customer offer
• Elicit interest in a client’s value proposition
• Alternative solutions considered by prospect, perceptions and misperceptions
• Competitive outlook, evaluation of alternatives, vendor biases
• Purchase logistics: budget, timeframe, (visible and embedded) decision-making process – the more complex the sales cycle, the higher the value-add

• Convergent Validation: Multiple Interviews with key decision-makers, recommenders and influencers.
• High-Level Probes with both Tactical and Strategic Ramifications.
• Ability to take a pitch to Board of Directors for deal assessment.
• Trusted advisory for targeted sell-side, broad sell-side, targeted buy-side, and broad buy-side M&A evaluations.
• Means of Last Resort: penetrating accounts so far resistant to all other lead generation efforts.
• Relay qualified leads and intelligence to the field or the management team or the Board of Directors.

Example 1: A client wants to market a complex solution and value proposition to a prospect, has already tried, to no avail – Hire us, we’ll help.

Example 2: A client may want to buy a company. They’re looking for help in finding and reaching a deal. Sometimes they know exactly what they want to buy, or are already in discussions with the seller (targeted M&A), but are finding it difficult to come to an agreement. Hire us; we’ll help.

Example 3: Other times an M&A client wants to acquire a business, has specific requirements and seeks third party assistance to sift through hundreds of companies and put together on their behalf a solid pool of prospects (broad M&A). Hire us; we’ll help.

MLI does not provide financing; nor do we run valuation or modeling analyses (to determine a firm’s worth); we are not an investment bank. However, we will help our clients evaluate different buyers/sellers and try to elicit interest from as many as possible.
We facilitate discovery, lead generation, due diligence and process, and mediation. We operate at the front end of the sales or M&A cycle.


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