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Frederic Marsanne founded MLI with the belief that our firm could serve, not only as a generator of leads and opportunities for corporate clients – and impact their top and bottom line decisively – but also as an ecosystem bridge builder and mediation vehicle for governments, agencies, and non-profits organizations – help them create dialogues, prevent or resolve conflicts, enforce or enhance charters, facilitate missions or grow membership.

Our founder’s experiences with the Peacekeeping Department of the United Nations in New York and the United Nations Information Centre in Washington DC created the seeds for the development within MLI of a full service Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) arm designed to meet the practical needs of governments, organizations, businesses and communities.

Top mediation and ADR services are uniquely tailored to the dynamics of the dispute to develop solutions, prevent conflict from turning costly and time consuming, preserve relationships, and build bridges toward resolution with integrity and respect. Tools include facilitation, mediation, coaching, dialogue and confidence building.

Clients range from governments and state and local agencies to non-profits and enterprises – any entity interested in creating processes that enable them to engage with stakeholders to resolve complex policy questions and conflicts.

MLI helps our clients:

• Design unique processes to address seemingly intractable situations.
• Guide complex multi-stakeholder deliberations to create actionable solutions.
• Mediate business and employment disputes, improving efficiency and productivity.
• Facilitate negotiations, sustaining continued working partnerships.
• Present conflict prevention education training, ensuring cohesive working environment.
• Conduct investigations and propose recommendations.
• Develop dispute systems resolution design, complying with government and corporate policy.
• Work in all subject areas and political contexts.

MLI offers the following alternative dispute resolution services:

• Fact Finding & Conflict Assessment.
• Mediation & Consensus Building.
• Negotiated Rulemaking, Facilitation.
• Risk Management & Process Maps.
• Conflict Prevention, Peacemaking, Peacebuilding.
• Conflict & Disaster Management.
• Democracy building, civil society strengthening.

Area of expertise include:

• Security.
• Environment.
• International.
• Governance.
• Public Health.
• Land use & development.


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