MLI often serves as an intermediate between two or more parties, skillfully exerts influence and negotiates to reach an agreement or compromise. We build strong, lasting relationships and endeavor to solve problems before they stifle growth or grow into costly disputes. MLI also identifies various risks, works out how to minimize them and uses these insights as the basis for a solid corporate or government policy. We use our experience, language skills and top contacts to help businesses and entities achieve their strategic objectives by:

• determining the best route for an engagement
• using sensitivity and discretion to represent them in complex negotiations
• helping avoid or manage problems/disputes before they run out of control
• providing top-level advice on operating in challenging situations
• reaching senior government officials and business leaders around the world to open doors and identify new opportunities

We offer corporate clients the skill, focus and unfailing integrity and reliability demonstrated in decades of distinguished business success and public service.
MLI is a partnership of qualified mediators. Throughout our careers we have been called upon to tackle difficult problems. Skills developed by our principals – subtle personal diplomacy, cultural awareness, commercial acumen and an ability to understand all sides of an issue – are essential in resolving complex disputes. We now bring this experience to help resolve disagreements within and between international organizations, companies and governments.

MLI bring to international dispute resolution and corporate diplomacy decades of international experience. Our principals offer a wide range of sophisticated language skills and regional/cultural sensitivity and can help with a wide range of matters including, but not limited to

Business, Corporate Governance (business continuity and crisis management, corporate social responsibility, media issues , procurement and contractual negotiations )
Dispute prevention and conflict mediation
Non-Profit, United Nations and World Trade
Energy, Climate, Commodities
Defense and Security
People and Welfare, Human Rights


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