Large Enterprises (Global 5000)


Our principals have worked for a large number of Fortune 2000 enterprises operating in a wide range of vertical markets including technology, finance, energy, healthcare, industrials and many others – for the likes of Hewlett-Packard Company, SAP, Oracle Corporation, Microsoft, Liberty Mutual, Cigna, Intel, McKesson, Accenture, Citigroup, Hughes Network Systems, Agilent, and many more.

MLI helps its clients generate leads or identify opportunities at any stage of their development or product life cycle:

- Introduction stage
- Growth stage
- Maturity stage
- Decline stage
- Reorganization / resource reallocation stage

MLI helps its clients refine and implement go-to-market strategies for:

- Market leaders
- Market challengers
- Market followers
- Market nichers
- Market shoppers (M&A)

MLI helps its clients:

- Manage and enhance the power of their brands
- Refine pricing strategies and programs
- Select and manage marketing and sales channels
- Analyze competitors
- Grow organically or through mergers and acquisitions


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