ROI / Value vs Growth

Value versus Growth

You have heard it all – this vendor will find leads; this other will boost sales; this third will help you cement a deal. This fourth will cost you, not much or so little. They’ll talk CRM or global, pitch telemarketing prowess, crunch numbers or run complex financial analyses.

But CRM is only as good as the people who use the solution and the opportunity does not materialize until two people connect; Global may be a euphemism for call center resources leveraging cheap labor in a remote area, largely unqualified or unfamiliar with US (or any other country of relevance) business practices and therefore unprepared to understand the business, not to mention the cultural intricacies of your prospect base.

MLI is no call center organization or low-level consulting practice. We do not use scripts or resort to mechanical, linear enquiries. We’ll follow complex, multidimensional account penetration tracks to help you:

Not just GENERATE new, highly qualified demand for your solution or interest in your value proposition

But also
IMPACT your financial statements

BOOST your ROI, TOP LINE and BOTTOM LINE, which may help you

FIDELITIZE your shareholders and other constituencies

BRIDGE parties where there used to be gaps or indifference

CREATE a dialogue with the truly elusive or reluctant.

Where and when all else has failed…
Benchmark us against your current solutions and providers

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