• How can a large healthcare service provider achieve major revenue gains in an otherwise stagnant, languishing market?
• Should a large utility create an energy management practice targeting large corporate customers?
• What is the most effective way for a leading financial institution to significantly expand its retail-banking footprint?
• Should a technology firm venture beyond its core business and expand into a new market – risky yet full of promise?

MLI helps a wide range of organizations answer these challenging questions and many others, not only by providing an accurate diagnosis of the problem, but also by formulating a practical, effective path to implementation – one that can generate significant bottom-line results and sustainable competitive advantage. MLI gathers critical intelligence by taking the pulse of the market with those who matter most – customers, partners, competitors, and other key constituencies – and prompting out of the box thinking to design radically different pathways to discovery, growth and profits.

Our key areas of expertise include:

• Organizational Strategy
• Strategic Planning
• Market Entry & Investment Strategy
• Strategic Risk Management

Our services in this area help clients:

• Develop practical strategies that are well aligned with an organization’s vision and goals
• Align resources with their strategic agenda
• Design strategic plans that are executable within the organization’s constraints
• Innovate with new paths to growth

We provide strategic advice based on rigorous market research tailored to the specific needs of each client.


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