Message from CEO


MLI has traditionally been a boutique consulting firm with highly skilled principals contributing their knowledge – craftsmanship – and subject matter expertise to clients operating in specific markets – for instance, sales lead development as applies to a complex value proposition (i.e., enterprise resource planning software for a high-tech client or asset management for a bank, etc.), corporate diplomacy or dispute mediation between two parties seeking a compromise but facing a challenging set of constraints or roadblocks. We have found that our customers appreciate our unique value-add and seen recurrent demand for our services.

We expect 2012 to be a year of transition, however, as we seek aggressive growth, not only in our core markets but also in areas where our group has only recently made inroads. MLI is launching a new business development initiative that will leverage our unique resources and expertise to consolidate and expand our client base in, not only high-tech, finance, healthcare and energy (traditional areas of engagements) but also government, media and entertainment, industrial and other markets where we have only recently started to engage. Simultaneously, and to this end, MLI is actively pursuing the hiring of new, highly qualified personnel and principals. This is a challenging yet rewarding process that we look forward to building upon and updating you on in the months and years ahead.

MLI is in its next stage of growth, and we remain focused on accelerating the execution of our strategy, building up our brand equity, and bringing positive changes to the communities in which we work and live. In the process, we remain committed to our core values, namely creating client value and providing exceptional service, promoting integrity and stewardship and practicing our Code of Business Ethics. I am incredibly excited about the wonderful journey MLI is embarking upon, well aware of the various challenges we face yet sincerely believe the best of MLI is yet to come. As 2012 begins, I’d like to transmit my warmest thanks and regards to our customers, employees, partners and the communities in which we proudly belong, and trust that indeed the road ahead is full of promise.