Design best organizational and go-to-market practices to optimize demand creation and achieve leadership

MLI offers consulting services where independent third party assessment can provide appropriate perspective and validation for your demand creation and corporate mediation strategy.
MLI offers advisory services on a variety of matters including, but not limited to:

1. Strategic Vision and leadership, definition of core values and responsibilities
2. Power and Culture Strategies, HR/People Strategies, Impact on go-to-market dynamics
3. Operating matrix including customer acquisition and retention, market and account segmentation, competitive landscape, sales funnel   optimization tactics, procurement and supplier management, IT processes
4. Value-creation strategies (costs, economies of scale, revenues, cross-selling, financials)
5. Corporate identity services, communications strategies, best pitches, market adequacy of value propositions
6. Ecosystem building, relationship optimization, merger & acquisition, mediation and conflict prevention, crisis management
7. Application of corporate diplomacy for value creation, business optimization, alignment of various processes with corporate strategy and leadership vision

Through our consulting services and Relationship-Oriented Architecture, MLI helps organizations in all industries become the savviest of marketers, value creators, and mediators. The brightest of business to business strategists, tacticians, sales and marketing practitioners will be in a position to leverage well-thought out relationship-building, business development, marketing and sales campaigns and relevant tactics so that a desired ROI is achieved, and they find themselves in a position to grow, win or gain a competitive edge.

MLI helps organizations in a wide variety of industries and market segments (high technology, healthcare, finance, energy, government, non-profit, etc.) build new synergies, achieve consensus, resolve disputes, acquire new business, expand top and bottom lines, diversify their client or membership base – more effectively, cost-competitively, faster, by generating insight that spawns superior results.

Our principals have unique skills, know-how and years of experience in demand creation, business value creation, and corporate diplomacy that span all sectors and markets. We are in a position to listen and attend to, your needs, pain points, interests, challenges, and help you uncover new, sometimes unexpected, opportunities for success.


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