To optimize reseller contributions and create greater distribution synergies

MLI has engaged with a number of corporate clients involved with, and commercializing through, various partners and value-added resellers (VAR’s), to help them and their distribution acolytes:

1. Refine their go to market strategy
2. Develop and execute (often co-sponsored) demand creation and lead generation programs
3. Achieve superior opportunity detection processes
4. Build effective sales pipelines and high-yield funnels
5. Increase sales and win market share

MLI has gained unique experience working in a variety of settings and configurations. Clients have included:

1. Global 5000 enterprises
2. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s)
3. Matrix distributors or large intermediaries
4. Leading VAR’s
5. Smaller, niche, expertise-rich players, resellers, retailers

MLI provides our clients with mission-critical, real-time account-based intelligence they can leverage to gain a unique competitive edge, uncover new opportunities and score breakthrough deals.
Major assignments have also seen MLI hired to:

1. Assess the effectiveness of a go-to-market model or a distribution network
2. Evaluate various go-to-market alternatives through cost/benefit assessments and poll of officers in the layers of the sales or distribution process
3. In the face of highly competitive environments and pressure to make numbers, help our trusted Client to uncover more, always more opportunities to sell, buy, partner, create, and win – often at the most crucial time of their career.

MLI operates in all manners of verticals including, but not limited to:

1. High technology (hardware, software, services)
2. Finance & Insurance (various channels including agents)
3. Energy (leading players, marketers, refiners, retailers)
4. Healthcare (insurance providers and HMO’s, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology firms, universities, medical device manufacturers)
5. Industrials
MLI provides superior account intelligence that helps our clients find new opportunities, create trusted partnerships, and go to market — to win.


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