MLI principals have contributed their skills in the course of many engagements including, but not limited to:

A. Lead Generation & Demand Creation Services for:
1. Corporations Marketing to Governments.
a. Global 5000 attempting to penetrate, and uncover opportunities at, government (federal, state, city, other) accounts for a variety of solutions (technology, healthcare, etc.)
b. Small & Mid-Size Businesses (SMB’s) attempting to gain momentum with large, complex administrations (governments, others)
2. Corporations Marketing to Universities and Non-Profit Organizations.
a. Global 5000 attempting to penetrate, and uncover opportunities at, universities and non-profit organizations, for diverse offerings
b. SMB’s attempting to gain momentum with similar institutions
3. Government-owned institutions (i.e., government-owned electric utilities, others) endeavoring to market their products and services to corporations and other organizations.
4. Others.
B. Win/Loss Analyses.
C. Market Research (primarily, for corporations trying to sell to government entities).
1. Products & Solutions (Evaluation of, or Feedback on, Robustness, Quality, Support, Functionality, Fit with Government Charters/Requirements, etc.)
2. Sales & Marketing efficiencies (Validation of Value Proposition, Messaging, Pitch, and More)
3. Market Positioning & Competitive Analyses
4. Pricing
5. Go-to-Market Tactics
6. From Tactical to Strategic Input
D. Conflict Prevention, Dispute Mediation & Crisis Resolution for
1. Governments dealing with Corporations
2. Corporations dealing with Governments
3. Governments dealing with Governments
4. Other configurations apply (unions, lobbies, etc.)
a. Delineation of Potential for Disputes, Clarification of Interests and Objectives.
b. Identification of Options and Solutions, Assessing Ramifications of Changes, Impact Analysis.
c. Negotiation Building, Implementation of Processes & Policies to Circumvent or Overcome Obstacles, Facilitate Deals, Prevent Conflict or Deterioration .
d. Transactional Adjustments & Relationship-Oriented Architecture Designed to Lubricate Interfaces, Facilitate Transitions & Mitigate/Neutralize Conflicts .
e. Seeking, Embedding Value, Health, Growth, ROI, at all Steps of Interventions.
f. Facilitation & Transition Management for Successful Ventures, Final Adjustments and Memorialization of Agreements.


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