MLI principals have contributed their skills in many more sectors including the energy and other industries (as follows) for a wide range of services including, but not limited to:

A.Lead Generation & Demand Creation Services for various solutions:
1. The Energy Sector:
Example: MLI helps one of our clients identify opportunities for their energy efficiency solutions including upgrades to a facility’s energy infrastructure and the edification and operation of small-scale renewable energy plants. Our customer’s main service is the design, engineering and implementation of projects that reduce the energy and operations and maintenance costs of its customers’ facilities. These initiatives include measures designed to improve the efficiency of major building systems, such as heating, ventilation, and lighting systems.
2. The Media & Entertainment Industry:
Example: MLI helps a provider of computer-generated (CG) animation and digital visual effects (VFX) raise awareness amidst a cross-section of major motion picture studios and advertisers. Its digital production capabilities include the creation of CG animated content, performance capture, the conversion of two-dimensional (2D) imagery into three-dimensional (3D) imagery and CG visual effects, such as fluid simulation, terrain generation and photorealistic animation. The Company offers clients end-to-end solutions across multiple media platforms spanning the entire content production process from idea generation to production and post-production.
3. The Education Field:
Example: MLI helps one of our clients build (alongside its retail business, which targets parents) an institutional business for its curriculum and educational services (designed to facilitate individualized learning for students in kindergarten through 12th grade), i.e., find school districts interested in leveraging its virtual public schools and learning systems and, essentially, acting as wholesalers, distributors or resellers.
4. The Agro-Business:
Example: MLI helps one of our clients market complex farmer solutions including grain trading, advisory services, crop insurance, and other offerings, to a population of large (corporate to lead commercial) agro-businesses.
5. MLI also contributes its unique sales lead development services and demand generation skills to clients in the security systems, food and hospitality, transportation and logistics, and other major sectors of the economy.
B. Win/Loss Analyses:
C. Market Research:
1. Products & Solutions (Evaluation of, or Feedback on, Robustness, Quality, Support, Functionality, etc.)
2. Sales & Marketing efficiencies (Validation of Value Proposition, Messaging, Pitch, and More).
3. Market Positioning & Competitive Analyses .
4. Pricing.
5. Go-to-Market Tactics.
6. From Tactical to Strategic Input.
D. Mergers & Acquisitions:
1. Discovery of Lead Candidates.
2. Evaluation of Synergies between Parties to get a Deal Done.
3. Negotiations toward Agreement, Relationship Building, Corporate Diplomacy.
4. Post-Merger Integration & Reorganizations.
E. Corporate Mediation, Conflict Prevention & Dispute Resolution:
1. Delineation of Potential for Disputes, Clarification of Interests and Objectives.
2. Identification of Options and Solutions, Assessing Ramifications of Changes, Impact Analysis.
3. Negotiation Building, Implementation of Processes & Policies to Circumvent or Overcome Obstacles, Facilitate Deals, Prevent Conflict or Deterioration.
4. Transactional Adjustments & Relationship-Oriented Architecture Designed to Lubricate Interfaces, Facilitate Transitions & Mitigate/Neutralize Conflicts.
5. Seeking, Embedding Value, Health, Growth, ROI, at all Steps of Interventions.
6. Facilitation & Transition Management for Successful Ventures, Final Adjustments and Memorialization of Agreements.


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